January 15, 2021

"I recommend for any truck parts, repairs, or towing. They'll get you going again in no time"
June 13, 2020

"Deal with these guys all the time. They go above and beyond expectations. Great group of people"
June 5, 2020

"The most professional recovery service available"
March 1, 2019

Jim H.

"Highly recommend, great experience with our truck repair! Thank you."
February 4, 2019

James P

"I had a unique load situation that only a well experienced Tow Driver should handle....loading a vintage car that had been sitting on open ground for 25 year, sitting on a muddy hilltop at an odd angle. I have unearthed cars like this before, but not far from my home area (using local Tow guys). I called up Affordable Todd's and they arrived within 45 minutes as promised. I explained what I needed....a pull out and then load onto my car trailer. (I had prepped the car with good tires). They understood the situation immediately and were able to do exactly what I needed done -- Winching the car from it's resting location, loading it "backward"onto their flatbed and then unloading it "forward" onto my trailer so that I could take it home. Service COULD NOT have been better. Great guys, fair price, quick service. I recommend them fully."